In The Mechanics of Awaking Gary Sherman takes us on a journey beyond ordinary perception to the field of energy and awareness beyond the mind and body, a place within each of us where we discover the essence of ourselves and learn about our self from ourselves so that we can consciously create the life we wish to experience.

With a clarity that is rare, the author distills three primary skills we can use to open the self and its mechanics to self-observation and expanded self-awareness. He provides playful, simple yet profound practices for learning how to utilize these skills within our daily life so that we gain access to our inner life, our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and intuitive promptings, as well as entrance into the larger states of consciousness that support our being.

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Praise for the Mechanics of Awakening

“The power of this book lies not only in the beauty and precision of it’s language, but that the words come alive. The book causes in me what it teaches. Very few books can do that! In the process of reading “The Mechanics of Awakening” you awaken.”

Silvia Reischl, Founder of the Reischl Method of Functional Healing

“I love a book that I can put down frequently, not just to ponder but to experience and personally test the truths I have just awakened to in the reading, especially as they apply to the evolving nature of my own life. So I am grateful for this book. By offering a practice for self-awareness and self-creation, it has become a life changer for me, a thriller about the nature of my own consciousness. I’ll be turning to it often.”

Pierre Delattre, Author of Tales of the Dali Lama, Walking on Air  and Episodes

“Gary Sherman has written a truly insightful and helpful book that will positively change the lives of its readers. Although many books have wise teachings, few have accessible, reliable and transformative practices like this one. I highly recommend this book.”

Russell Delman, Founder of The Embodied Life School

“Thirty years ago, while on a year long sabbatical in Hawaii, Gary Sherman underwent a life-changing personal trans- formation. Although he was already a skilled meditator and therapist, the level of knowledge and awareness transmitted to him during this period was revelatory. Ever since, he and his wife Ellen have been skillfully teaching others how to gain this awareness for themselves and how to integrate it into their daily lives. I personally have benefited from this teaching, and now, with this book in hand, I can continue to do so.”

Amy L. Lansky, PhD, Author of Active Consciousness: Awakening the Power Within  and Impossible Cure

“Gary Sherman has accomplished a spectacular feat in this book. He not only describes the inner and outer dimensions of our perception of reality, the upper and lower energetic resonances of consciousness within the mind, emotions and the physical body but also gives us very clear exercises to help us ground this knowledge into our ever-evolving self. It is one of the clearest books I have ever read concerning these matters. I highly recommend it.”

Warren Bellows, Acupuncturist, Artist and Author of Floral Acupuncture: Applying the flower essences of Dr. Bach to acupuncture sites